Joseph Rafferty feels most alive when his ideas materialize to visual imagery. Motivated by passion for social justice, drawn to examples of beauty amongst the pain and dysfunction in our culture. Using imagery as a visual tapestry, Joseph weaves visceral experiences that provoke emotion and encourage empathy for others, despite our differences. With a photo-journalistic approach, he clicks candid shots of people in their natural or public environments, capturing the essence of relationships and moments of meaning within a community.
Raised among the Redwood trees and educated at Art Center College of Design, Joseph Rafferty’s work is nonlinear and free, yet technical and pointed. Heavily influenced by commissions in editorial photography, Joseph manipulates existing light, utilizing 35mm, 2 ¼ & 6x7 medium format, 4x5 large format and SX-70. His creative process begins with an idea, first explored through sketches, and then further developed through research of literature, current events, locations, props and styling. A large portion of Joseph's creative process is spent in the preparation phase of a shoot; gathering necessary props, testing geographic locations, selecting and styling non actors in effort to convey a specific feeling or idea. In the final media, there is purpose in every detail; each detail a tool in building a landscape of meaning.

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